Due to a quick rush of unseasonably warm weather, I will give you a cool and refreshing drink to try this week.  This was a popular drink in my father's day, and I'm sure he indulged in more than a few (quite out of sight of Mother, that is for sure!)

The Breck and Brace:

  • 2 oz cognac
  • champagne (cold)

Take a small bar glass, one that will hold 5 or so ounces, and fill it with water.  Toss that our and fill it with bar sugar (superfine sugar). Toss that out, leaving a pleasant frosted look to the glass.  Add in the cognac and then top with the champagne.  I must stress that the bubbly must be cold, and warn you the sugar may cause it to bubble over.  Lastly, if you use good cognac, a VSOP or the like, use good champagne!