Ladies and Gentlemen, we have returned to the land of Rum drinks for this week's cocktail. The Corn 'n Oil.

Build the drink in an ice filled highball glass. Just in case you were unaware, to "build" a drink is to add all the ingredients directly to the glass it will be imbibed from. No shaker or strainer required. Squeeze in the limes, drop them in and stir well.

This is one of the few drinks where the brand of spirit really makes a difference. Cruzan's Black Strap Rum is delightfully smooth with a strong molasses flavor that is singular among dark rums.  You are free to mix with whatever you like, and the result will be fine.  But for a proper Corn 'n Oil, I cannot recommend Black Strap enough.

The other ingredient, falernum, is something very special in its own right. Almond and ginger notes blend with lime and vanilla, yielding a smooth yet crisp flavor.   Sadly, it has lost popularity other than in Tiki drinks until recently.  You may have to hunt around for it, depending on where you live.  Once I have the opportunity to make some of my own, I shall post about it and give instructions!