It is far too easy to forget that while we enjoy mild weather here in the city of Angels, the rest of the Hemisphere North is enduring March's leonine entrance. Whether is be snow or rain that has you bundled up, I am happy to warm your cockles with this week's beverage: the Hot Black Stripe.


  • Black Strap Molasses
  • Rum (I cannot choose between spiced or dark rum for this one!)
  • Your favorite spice

Acquire a mug and place a teaspoon of the molasses. Fill to 2/3 with boiling water and give it a light stir to dissolve the molasses. Add the rum, filling the rest of the mug, and give it another stir. If you are so inclined, top with a dash of your favorite spice. Nutmeg works well, as does cinnamon. Allspice makes a Caribbean trifecta out of the mix!

Sip and dream of warmer climes! Prost!