Seeing as how today is the day those of us in the grand old US of A cast our votes for the lesser of two scoundrels it is reasonable to assume that quite a few of you will need a stiff one. I know I will! Hence, the Aggravation!

This is a simple recipe, but a satisfying one.

  • 1 oz Kahlua
  • 1 oz Scotch Whiskey

Fill a rocks glass with ice and add your liquor. I wouldn't use anything too expensive here, a blended scotch will do nicely. Top with some half and half (or milk) and you, my friends, are done.

But Thaddeus, I hear you protest, this is just a White Russian with scotch instead of vodka! Indeed it is! A fact that presents itself to any aficionado of mixed drinks is that many recipes are but minor variations. A different spirit here, a half ounce less there, etc. liquor and liqueurs are such complex beasts that small variations do have an effect. It's up to the imbiber to discern and enjoy these minutiae.

Drink up my friends and let us be happy that Election Season is over! Well, for four more years, at least.