This week we are very happy to bring you two very special guests! Robin Thorsen, also known as "Clara" on "The Guild" and actor Doug Jones, guest star on "The Guild" but also known for such roles as "Abe Sapien" from the Hellboy movies. Our new friends bring along some of Jones Soda's new special edition "The Guild" flavors for us to taste. Then we discuss the role that steampunk plays in "The Guild" Season 5.

League News: 00:01:30

Jones Soda Review: 00:03:00

Steampunk & The Guild: 00:20:00

Mail Bag: 00:53:00

The GuildEpisodes Tuesday on Xbox Thursday on MSN/Bing

Director of the Guild is Sean Becker

Writer/Creator of The Guild is Felicia Day

Production designer of The Guild is Greg Aronowitz

Steampunk Costumes by Clockwork Couture's Donna Ricci

Steampunk booth by Sypher Art Studios

Jones Soda